Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peace, Love and a Little French Dresser

I purchased this....a-hem "Lovely" little French dresser from Craigslist. The hardware was broken and as you can see some mothers little darling expressed their creativity literally on all sides except for the back. I guess the previous owner didn't like Green Day...you think?

Here's a close up of the top

And the sides

And here she is after I sanded her down...completely. I stained the top in Dark Walnut and applied several coats of polyurethane. Then I gave her a coat of ASCP Duck Egg Blue followed by French Linen. I then sanded her down again to get a smooth finish and dirtied her up with some dark wax for protection. Almost forgot, she got some new hardware that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. She made an appearance at the Old Red Lumberyard monthly sale in McKinney TX where she found a new home.

Bye for now, 


  1. that's an amazing transformation...although I do adore Green Day :0)

  2. I know, I wonder what they're music taste was. it was hilarious when I saw it but I could see the potential. My husband no longer thinks I'm crazy when I bring stuff like this home.

  3. That looks absolutely fantastic! I am your first follower!!!
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    You are super talented! Can't see what you have at your "shop" next month at the old red lumberyard :)

  4. Thanks, and I'll be right over to subscribe. You also are talented because your photos are beautiful!

  5. It's like a hippie just went in for a haircut and a shave! Totally different. Looks beautiful!